Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knitting vs. sewing

I do realize that knitting and sewing need not be in competition, and can in fact be a wonderfully complementary pair of skills, but I'm in the final hours of my annual Halloween costume panic and starting to not see straight, so let's discuss.

Cutting and sewing:

so much faster.

less worry about small items falling through the fabric or larger ones distorting its shape.

potentially, less portable (my 1940s table-embedded Singer doesn't get out much.)

more fussy to fit, unless sewing with a knit, and even then...


so much nicer against your skin than a stabby pin you forgot you left pointing out of the sewing basket.

on the other hand, so much more deadly when a needle sticks into a vital area, as opposed to the pin-in-palm scenario.

possible to do with closed eyes.

way easier to go back to the beginning of than, say, an already-cut piece of fabric sewed and seamed and embellished incorrectly over a period of 3 fruitless hours while watching a movie that wasn't even that interesting, dagnabbit.

You can't eat chocolate while doing either one, though, apart from Smarties. Is there anything Smarties can't do?

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