Friday, October 16, 2009


Remember I said I had more free holiday knit patterns coming this fall?

Well, I've knit pattern #2 twice now, in two different yarns, and it works beautifully both ways. I kept the first go, and wear it constantly. The second went to my cousin who has since taken it back to England, and she loves hers too.

Ah, how well I remember the delights of knitting that second Thing! Such a gorgeous yarn. When I got to the finishing I made notes for an improvement over the original.

This is important, because I couldn't possibly remember doing that if I hadn't been writing those notes down somewhere.

Emphasis on 'where', I'm afraid.

I've been looking and looking and I can't find my pattern instructions anywhere. Evidently I didn't get so far as to type them up, but I know I wrote in detail how many stitches, how many rows, how many to cast off and cast on again, etc. And I know I referred to all of that information as I knit for my cousin.

Of course, I can write up the pattern by referring to the Thing I kept for myself, and test it again on the third copy I was knitting for another friend, but


Sorry. Just had to get that out there. And also:

My apologies for the delay in posting Free Holiday Knit #2. It's fast though - you can do it in a lazy evening or two - so perhaps it's not such a disaster for anyone but me.

On the upside, I do have some consolations coming up today:

going out on an exciting shopping expedition
poring over the new knitting books I ordered (Knitter's Book of Wool!!) that will almost certainly show up before 5
cutting out a custom mitten pattern, which I did break down and make last night.

It's going to be a productive weekend, even if part of it is spent recreating a pattern from scratch.

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