Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A perfect match

I'm off to an out-of-town funeral home today, which has the bright side of making it impossible for me to do any pattern-writing whatsoever while affording me guilt-free time to knit.

And I can pack up my current mindless project in a new tinyhappy bag. I know, I know, I keep buying them, but they are so perfect! Especially the flat-bottomed ones, for socks. So when I had a chance I bought a second one in that style, and it's arrived just in time to hold my second lazy day lace shawl:

Perfect match, yes? Right down to the blue of the stitch marker!

I was working on this at my mum's over the weekend - I love this shawl for mindless knitting, especially with the Addi lace needles I bought on sale at the last knitting show - and she was marveling at the stripes. Specifically, how they seem to be coming out in consistent widths, even though there are more stitches for every pattern row. Well, I can't imagine they'll do it for much longer, but I think it's the result of Twisted Fiber Art's organic striping technique.

Whatever the reason, it's exciting to see what happens next with the colours and I get four hours of that today. Definitely a bright side.

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