Monday, September 14, 2009

Knitters' Fair harvest

I sooo did not need anything new going into the Knitter's Fair - famous last words - but I brought a list anyway. It said:

blocking pins and wires
lace addi needles - small sizes
2.25mm dpns
River John needles
go knit pouch
shawl pin

I could not choose a shawl pin, and in the end I resisted the Go Knit pouches, and I did see River John needles at one charming booth but there weren't any in a size I could use, and I didn't find any dpns I didn't already have, either.

However, I did come home with this:

and this*:

and a tube of blocking wires, which I put to good use, the results of which I will post tomorrow.

I was able to meet up with Karen and her posse, which was great not only because they are all so nice and I miss Karen terribly but because she was able to help me identify blocking wires and pins, and to find the perfect nostepinne for the size of my hand. I especially like this long narrow one because it will leave a smaller hole in the cake of yarn at the end than you get with the average crank ball winder. Plus, I'll be able to wind a really big skein on it.

As I was trying to tear myself away, I found the booth for Rose Haven Farm Store (a shop I've long wanted to visit) mainly because there was a rack of Colinette positioned enticingly where we were standing. I fell madly in love with the Art yarns (my pick: 'Autumn Leaves', draped over the right hand side of the basket above) and have already rolled it into a ball (without the new nostepinne) to get moving on another shawl/scarf thing. It's getting chilly out, you see.

* yes, thank you for noticing, that is more Alpaca Acres goodness up there in a solid honey tone. But it's more of a sport weight than what I bought last month. And, um, yes. More merino fingering from The Black Lamb. I couldn't help it! Try knitting with it yourself and you'll know why.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Lovely haul! And better yet, you got to spend a day with Karen. I am jealous.

Mary Keenan said...

It was only really an hour with Karen, but better than nothing!