Monday, September 7, 2009

Sock progress report

What with it being September and all, the air outside has been getting cooler. I've noticed that during my many, many trips between the house and the garbage/recycling/Goodwill zones in the garage as I do a very major overhaul of the house.

Cooler weather = no more sandals.

No more sandals = my mary janes.

I only wear the mary janes for a couple of months before it gets too cold and I have to put my boots on every day with heavy wool socks. Recalling this fact while sorting out my much-diminished fall wardrobe (another aspect of the overhaul) is what made the penny finally drop:

I have about 8 weeks in which to show off my handknit socks!

So I started working on the second pair again.

I'm almost ready to turn the heels, don't you think?

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