Monday, September 21, 2009

Sock math

Over the weekend, while updating various Ravelry projects

(an excellent way to keep track of how effective you are or are not at putting off every other possible put-off-able task in favour of knitting, by the way)

I discovered something interesting.

It takes me about 2 months to finish a pair of socks.

Math problem for September's test:

If 1 pair of socks takes 8 weeks to knit, and 1 skein of sock yarn arrives every 4 weeks 6 times and then 2 skeins of sock yarn arrive every 4 weeks 3 times,

How long before a Mary is swimming in sock yarn?

I'll tell you how long:

too soon.

(Plus, sock season is upon us and I have exactly 1 pair of finished socks.)

After I reached this conclusion, I put aside all other projects and focused on finishing my second ever pair, which are also my first in the top-down category. I did a bad shortrow heel, a ridiculously long wedge toe, and a 12-stitch grafted edge, finishing one of the two socks before my eyes got too stingy to let me finish the second wedge-and-graft extravaganza. I will do that today. The socks are imperfect, and I don't think I'll repeat this made-up pattern, but they do fit, and they are warm, and after all - isn't that the point?

That, and knitting the socks faster than the yarn comes in, sigh.


Kathleen Taylor said...

You say *swimming in sock yarn* like it's a bad thing...

Mary Keenan said...

It is... when compared to *wearing* it ;^)

still working on sock 2. I think for my next pair, I'm going to go aran weight, just to see how much faster it is!