Friday, September 25, 2009

The joy of mindless knitting

It seems I will be doing a lot of standing around today - moments of paying attention followed by up to 45 minutes of more standing around.

This is long enough to buy sensible fruits and veg and less sensible favourite cookies for the weekend (assuming I feel like carting such things back to the standing around zone.) But it's not long enough, really, to sit down for a nice hot chocolate or breakfast square in a coffeeshop.

Isn't it lucky that I have a big hunk of mindless knitting on the needles? At this rate, I'll be finished my second shawl before the weekend's through.

* * * *

Oh my goodness it's cold out.

I knit one row of the shawl and noticed my tension was totally off, owing to stiff fingers, at which point I realized everyone around me was wearing fall coats, plus everything that goes with (socks, closed shoes, long pants) and periodically expressing a wish for the foresight to have brought a scarf. And there I was in a skirt with sandals and a short-sleeved T with a cotton cardi.

At this rate, I'll be keeping the second shawl instead of putting it in the Christmas Pressie bin...

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