Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stitch marker heaven

I used to belong to the school of 'whatever works' when it comes to stitch markers, and made do with the plastic disks you buy at a chain store, but then a kind soul sent me a set of 5 beaded markers and I discovered what I'd been missing. The beaded markers don't stretch out my stitches, they flip easily forward or back to be out of the way when I knit, and they look like bling for my needles.

Trouble is, there were only five, and I seem to have misplaced three, and the other two are perpetually on a pair of socks. I tried to go back to 'whatever works', but even with a non-hairy superwash wool scrap tied into a loop, I kept knitting the non-stitch-stretching impromptu markers into the work or, ack, sharing fibres. I found I was actually resisting casting on lace and sock projects for lack of proper tools!

Heavens to Betsy.

So I treated myself to some lovely snag-free markers from Seeking Sanity.

They are beautiful, come in many sizes, and the odds are I'll never run out. Even though I'm using them whether I need them or not, because they look so pretty and feel so nice under my fingers as I work. I have to admit that the ultra-slender loops are harder to spot than my original metal loop markers, especially on hairier yarns - I actually knit one into a stitch the other day without noticing! But they really are snag free, and oh, so gorgeous, and they come in just about every kind of bead you can imagine. And I am freely knitting again.


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Marguerite said...

WOW! I have the same problem! I ended up using baby hair elastics... yes I was that desperate. Rubber doesn't slide very well.
These are cute! It looks like knitting wearing necklaces.