Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The trouble with having so many ideas for knitting and wanting to share them is that you have to write them down.

Another way in which writing is like knitting. It's so fun to get the idea for a great story... and such grunt work doing it justice when you put it on paper.

I was sensible yesterday and balanced my writing with some knitting. I got a whole heel finished in spite of some minor perplexity with the concept, and I do feel my first heel-flap-sock is going to be a raging success (in fact, I suspect I will want to wear these socks constantly... the Biscotte 'Soyeuse' yarn is that luscious.)

But I have more patterning to write up today. Ideally I will do two more whole ones, plus a quick review of some others, but what must be done is

just one row

Yes, in three sizes, but I've already charted out the previous row so I'll know what I'm doing.

Sadly, it's a decrease situation, which always fills my mind with numbers and confusion and a stirring desire for chocolate. If I can pull it off in the first two hours I try, I can do a lot more sock later in the day.