Friday, September 11, 2009

In which I am tenacious

Even though it is ridiculous to think that I could finish my shawl in time to block and dry it before I leave for the Knitters' Fair that starts in about 25.5 hours, especially since I'm only about halfway through the ball of yarn I expect to knit to the end of, I'm going to keep trying today.

And yes, it would make perfect travel knitting if I just stopped now and turned the heels of my socks instead. I am tenacious, not sensible!

Watch this space for pictures, Mary said, gritting her teeth and looking with determination at the bowl of shawl to her left.

PS - the pattern does look really pretty the farther I go on with it, and the instructions are easy - I'll post them as soon as I can.


Did I say tenacious? I think I meant totally unrealistic. I am making a dent in that ball of yarn now, though!


UNCLE! But I'd still like to finish this thing asap. Nights are getting chilly around here, and early mornings, too.

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