Monday, September 28, 2009


I spent most of the weekend writing and revising patterns, and not knitting, which just felt wrong. It was rainy and cool and perfect for sinking my teeth into a project that's nearly done, like for example the redo of the collar of the disaster cardi I made last fall that I could really stand to be wearing now.

Soon, my precious, soon.

However, I did make it all the way through the first heel flap of the September socks from my Biscotte club:

I had really hoped to have this pair done before October 1, when I get to open the next installment of yarn in said club. I'm pretty sure that's not physically possible now - at least, not if I plan to eat or sleep between now and then.

The question is, should I let myself open package #2 if I haven't finished sock pair #1? Or should I make doing that my incentive?

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Go ahead- open the package. That'll be incentive enough. Lovely sock, btw