Monday, March 14, 2016

How that project idea went

Remember on Friday I had that great idea for a fingerless glove pattern? I was so excited to spend the weekend working on it!  On Saturday I looked for the dream yarn I knew I'd put aside somewhere, and ripped needles out of a different project I decided I don't like any more because I needed them for this one, and then looked for my favourite stitch dictionary, and then gave up and used a different stitch dictionary, and then tried to learn how to knit veil stitch, and then gave up and found a different stitch I liked, and then did a gauge swatch, and then sat and knitted part of a cuff.

On Sunday, I noticed I'd managed to add a stitch at some point.  I tried to rip individual stitches back to trace my mistake, but...


Sometimes you need to do a proper frog.  I'd picked up the extra stitch so far back, the floats were too big to hide.  Needles out, folks.

Doesn't look shorter than it did before, does it?  And yet: it's many many rounds shorter.  I still think this is going to be a gorgeous mitt, but man, a garter cuff in fingering yarn takes a long time to knit, especially when you haven't decided yet how long it's going to be.

I know I will deeply appreciate a nice deep cuff once I'm wearing it.  If I have enough yarn to pull that off, which is another vague worry I'm going to try not to think about.  'Just enjoy the process' is the advice I'm trying to hold near right  now, rather than 'Find the shortest route between idea and actual item.'

Still... I spent a whole weekend focused on knitting and have just part of a cuff to show for it, and I can't help thinking that's at least a little sad.  I hope the second glove will go faster than this one. Faster processes are so much easier for me to enjoy, heh.

How was your weekend?

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