Monday, March 28, 2016

Troublesome lace: looks great, breaks hearts

The lace pattern I picked for the back of the fingerless mitts I've been playing with is super easy, but I keep messing it up anyway.  I messed it up so many times on the left hand mitt, it took me many many tries and froggings and try-overs to realize I'd actually transposed the instructions incorrectly when I adapted them for the right mitt.  GAH.  But I finally did figure it out.

The trick, I think, is to not watch Murdoch Mysteries from a chair without a lamp while trying to knit this lace.  Especially if you wear trifocals.  It's too hard to shift your glasses up or down, move the knitting closer to the ceiling light a few feet away, refer to the instructions (even if you have a chart, and have enlarged the text to 14 points) and still follow a show that has so much going on visually.  For much the same reason, home renovation shows are not a great choice either.

After I worked out all the glitches though and made sure I had a good light source, I was able to get the second mitt done and do the thumbs.  Finally!  What has it been?  A week?  Two weeks?

These thumbs look awful I know, but it's the same situation you find with a garment that looks so ugly on the rack you can't imagine it ever being flattering on, and then you slip it over your head and WOW, price no object.  The thumbs work really well and look perfect.

I'm not 100% sold on their position though. I think I want them shifted over by a stitch or two, so I'm going to knit a second pair - a little larger with the thumb offset - and then I should be good to go for sharing the pattern.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Laurinda said...

OOO-I've been looking forward to this pattern, because I think I have the perfect yarn to show it off!! I call it The Yarn That Won't Be Photographed. It's a deep, rich purple, that only photographs as cobalt blue. Here is a link to it in my stash:

Mary Keenan said...

Oh yeah - that yarn would be awesome! Regardless of hue: that's a gorgeously rich colour :^)