Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Knitting weather

I don't know whether you've ever experienced this but there is a time of day, and a quality of light, and a general feeling of Grey And Miserable, that makes me feel like I'm in a moody Rowan pattern book and should be by my fireside knitting with a steaming hot cup of something at my side.  Today was like that:

And while I mention it, can I just call your attention to the knots and/or holes in the tree on the foreground and the way they balance the front door and window in the cathedral?  I truly just stopped and snapped this picture with my phone but wow, I love it.

Sadly I did not get to knit once I got back indoors, but I did spend many hours researching fireplaces.  We had always planned to put one into the dining room but we don't have space for the 36" one we'd sourced first, so now we are in the weeds - hardly anybody does a smaller fireplace with a realistic flame and not-laughable log set.  And now I kind of want a fireplace for the living room too so... even more research to do!  yay.  Pete and I are meeting at an actual store tomorrow and hopefully we can lock this decision down.

The other day I saw an ad for a pop-up shelter that made me think of summer knitting.  In a cage. 

They should totally have had this model demonstrate knitting in that chair, instead of zipping the flap shut.  I am not mocking, either - I absolutely want one of these things so I can knit on the deck at the cottage!  after I've killed all the bugs that got in with me, of course.  I wonder whether they'd make good shade at the dock, too?  You'll find it at Lee Valley Tools, if you're with me on the insect hate.

Did you knit today?

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