Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yarn and a cake

Pete came home the other day with a carrot cake and the mail, which included yarn.  Yarn cake!  The yarn is - are you sitting down?  More Vesper.

Yeah, I know.  But you have to admit, these colours are pretty great together.  The colourway is called 'Lava Fields' and it may be just what I need to get me through the Time Of Snow, although really - the snow is so pretty out on the terrace.

Looking at this yarn, I am missing the happy days when I started writing Hugs.  Back then I could just pop out the side door to take pictures of a new knit, or lay it out on the porch at the front of the house.  Omigosh, do you remember all the Finished Sock posts where I would sit on the steps and take pictures of my feet when nobody was walking past to wonder what was wrong with me?

I miss having the time to say "Aha! new yarn! I want to knit this immediately and I will cake it right now for this purpose", and then do that.  Now, I find myself saying, I have to do these six things but I want to fall over right now.  So I fall over, and then cram the six things into twenty stressful minutes before I really have to get out the door again.

Oh well - it's not forever.  And I've made progress on my To Do list.

We solved the fridge problem by going to an appliance store and trying all the doors and Pete suddenly calling out This one! I like this one! Can't we have this one?  and it turned out to be the very fridge I'd already bought for us.  Narrower doorway it is.

The fix for the bathroom lighting problem came to me in a flash after a nap I didn't have time for but took anyway.  We were supposed to have overhead lighting in one area, but now the trusses and light tube make it too crowded for one and we needed to do wall sconces, but WHERE? since I need wall space for towel storage too.  (answer: sconces at either end of the bathtub, just outside the tile frame, where they won't get in the way of anything else.)

I even figured out a place to put a utility closet - the vacuum cleaner didn't make it to the table during the design stage - and now I just need to figure out how to make it functional inside and not obviously utilitarian outside.

And I still have some cake left, too.

Hope your week is going well, and that any glitches in your plans smooth out a lot faster than mine!

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