Monday, March 7, 2016

Green knitting

Over the weekend I recovered enough from my stupid cold/flu thing to sit in the living room and watch Safe House.  Have you seen this?  I enjoyed it, and enjoyed knowing that my job will probably never involve wrestling somebody on broken glass.  Also, as long as you slow down for the car chase scenes, you can knit something more complicated than 'plain sock' and still follow the plot.

This green thing is a cowl with buttons at one end and holes at the other, and it's very pretty, and easy, and workable on straight wooden needles, which is why I chose it last year, a few days before I was getting on a flight.

I think the reason I didn't finish it then was probably the straight wooden needles - mine are from Brittany Birch, and they're gorgeous, but it takes a while to season them to a nice slick finish - and the yarn, which is hand-dyed merino (yay) spun with minimal spring (wanh).  No spring plus laggy needles = a sad Mary.

Also, you have to knit about 24 inches of repeats, and after the first eight or nine of them, six knit stitches followed by six purls gets pretty boring.

Only seven or eight inches to go - yay!

When it's done, it's going to be a really, really attractive cowl.  Of course, just like when I started this project, I'm looking at a couple of weeks of mild weather when I definitely will not want to be wearing it - so we'll see whether I come up with some other motivation to finish it.  Maybe we should get Netflix?

What price beauty, I always say.  Hope your weekend was beautiful - see you tomorrow!


Rhonda said...

Pretty and I really love the color of the yarn.

Mary Keenan said...

It's really mossy in person Rhonda, very satisfying for a winter knit I can tell you!!

Marianne said...

Beautiful! I have to agree with you, if the pattern gets too redundant it has to rest for awhile, I do admit I have an afghan WIP that I really should bring back out, oh well, will stay with my sock class. big for me. Anyway, with the instructors help, (I love Craftsy) I am modifying the pattern to fit my horribly narrow foot!
One last thing, I LOVE Netflix.. LOL. I have Amazon Fire TV, in my room, so I sit and knit while watching my favorite shows, I love the British shows, my taste of broadcast tv totally differs from others in the house, so I enjoy the peace and quiet of my room. Needles, yarn and Netflix.. I'm a happy knitter!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks for the extra nudge Marianne! Yeah, I think Netflix is happening this week ;^)