Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 1920s hat

Honestly! How could those women in cloche hats even see?

I've been looking at pictures of flapper-era women in hats since spotting this on Jezebel and I've come to the conclusion that as hemlines went up and offered full-time views of the long-forbidden Ankle Of Sexiness (to say nothing of what the lack of corsets was doing for modesty) designers figured women had to be holding back on something and chose the face. Or at least, expressive parts of it in the eyebrow region. Or maybe the goal was to frame a girl's cupid-bow mouth?

Still... such cute hats! I can't link straight to picks from the Hutton Archive of Getty Images, as it turns out, but if you click here and type "1920s woman golf outfit" into the search engine (leaving out the quotation marks) you'll see what I mean. Cute, cute hats and even cuter knitted ensembles. It makes me wonder whether or not my super adorable two-tone golf shoes still fit and also, whether I'm still good enough to get through a hole in fewer than 12 swings? Because it would be pretty great, if sweaty, to show up on the green in any of those clothes. But not the hats. I'd get a kink in my neck trying to work out where to aim the ball.

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