Saturday, February 7, 2009

One way to organize knitting needles

Sandy from South Dakota, my kindred spirit, I hope you like packing tape. This project uses a lot of it!

I'm with Kathi... there are some really beautiful quilted needle rolls out there, and now that I'm in a position to cover my sizes with frequent favourites while leaving the rest in the basement as backup, I have my eye on a Knitzmo. Or maybe one from Sarah Kincheloe... mmmm.

In the meantime, if you have a ton of tools and are short on either the time or inclination to sew, and want something quick to get at and see straight through, this needle binder should hit the spot. Plus it has the added (and for me, necessary) bonus of size-labeling for each storage slot. And all the fun and excitement of packing tape! Can't forget that.

View .pdf of The Big Book of Knitting Needles

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Anonymous said...

HI Mary.....thanks for the ideas. Even tho I do LOVE packing tape, as well as duct tape...LOL....I might have to stay with the quilted one I have and with my other idea. You know those round tall gift boxes you can find during the holidays for gifting wine? Well, I kind of like those too. Granted, I have to pull all of the needles out to find the size I need, but a little glass of wine would take the edge off. Ha Ha.........One of these days I will try the one you posted. I like that idea. Now I must go over to Kathi Taylors blog and see what she did this weekend. I know that she is in a winter weather watch. I live a bit farther South.....Winner SD to be exact, so we are just having rain today.

Happy knitting........Sandy in South Dakota (still blogless)