Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting a line on a cable

I used to be a complete cable junkie, back when all my knitting was done on a bed in residence, surrounded by knitting- and non-knitting friends, and watching hours of TV at a time (anybody remember Moonlighting?) These days most of it is done in short bursts before I have to run off and do the next thing, and that just isn't so conducive to a vast Aran acreage.

Taking pity on my plight a few months back during a rushed phone call, Karen told me about cabling without cable needles. I was intrigued but could not grasp the concept... and then had to run off to do the next thing, and forgot to look it up.

But Binnie of the Great Minds Think Alikeness has had cables on her mind lately, and found this. Now it all makes sense... and suddenly every time I close my eyes I see another elaborately cabled hat. Mmmmm, cabled hats.

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