Friday, February 20, 2009

A new day, a new yarn

I spent some time yesterday reorganizing the stash and I'm with Kathi: I need clear plastic airtight boxes. Still, separating out the dreck I will never, ever use from the stuff I love but can't use for what I'm doing right now and the stuff I have jostling together for priority was good for the ol' mental clarity. I had two perfect projects all lined up in my mind before I could even test to make sure I can finally close the doors of my computer hutch/yarn cave.

Then I did a proper swatch to see exactly how one goes about getting a right angle without doing a mitre or picking up stitches (answer: increase like a fiend on just one side of the work.)

And then - are you sitting down? - I put a movie into the DVD player and watched it. While knitting. I never, ever get to do that. It was wonderful, not least because I got through all the boring stocking stitch while on the edge of my seat watching 1929-vintage Hitchcock. If you want to read more about that and try out a fun test, click this.


Kathleen Taylor said...

The thing about the dreck that you will never ever use is that as soon as you get rid of it, you'll think of something you could have used it for, and more likely than not, have to go buy more. Trust me on this.

Mary Keenan said...

I've learned this the hard way three times too many... that's why the dreck has shifted only so far as the storage closet ;^)

Along with, now I think of it, a sweater I started in 1997 and never finished, in really pretty shades in wool... feltable, purse-able, convertible into some other project... h'mmm.