Sunday, February 22, 2009

Needle in a haystack (slipped stitches)

This weekend I've been reading through a book that got very mixed reviews on Amazon and have decided to agree with the disappointed ones. I won't be buying it. Still, I stuck with it for anything that might change my mind, and after two days of heavy going have this tip to show for it:

If you slip the same stitch every other row, the fabric will fold neatly in that place.

If you slip it on the purl side it will fold in; if you slip it on the knit side, it will fold out.

Probably this is not earth-shattering excitement but as I've never knit a cardi with a hemmed button band or a pleated skirt, it's new to me, and useful for one of the hats I have in mind to make, heh heh.

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