Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Freebie #1 - Pocket Top

MAN, I have got to start remembering that it takes a couple of hours to write up a pattern. I have two variations on one variegated hat to share, but you'll have to wait for the other. It's a lot less silly (just as soft and warm, though.)

Since I look exactly like a girl with a terrible cold - what a coincidence - Henry is standing in as hat model this time:

Why did I make this ridiculous top, you may wonder? Two reasons - one, I wanted to avoid decreases and maximize the striping effect of Biscotte & Cie's beautiful dye work, and two, I wanted to play with an idea for closing off the top of a hat by knitting it onto straight needles.

Added bonuses:

If you turn it so the flap runs down the side of your head, you can fold a high ponytail into the back point. And if you're short a tea cosy for that special event, you can use the Pocket Top!

Insurance policy:

If you get to the top and don't like it on you, frog it back and reknit it using Valentine Freebie #2, Flower Pot.

View .pdf of Pocket Top Hat.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh so cuuuute !!!!!

One of my friend just sent me a link to your pattern !! Thank you so much for sharing this nice pattern with everyone :-D

If you don't mind, I would like to put a link to your blog on mine !!!

Nice job, beautiful pattern !! :-D

Mary Keenan said...

That would be great! I'm so glad you like my hat, because I loooove your yarn :^)

Anonymous said...

i think it's cute! very original...