Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcing: big changes and a new look!

It's been a very busy month or two here at Hugs, and it all started when I met a technical editor so delightful it took me several hours to realize I'd met a technical editor.

Here's the thing: when I started writing patterns a mere 11 months ago, I was writing them as a writer, which - coincidentally - I am. The instructions were long and ramble-y and took up more pages than they needed to. I described how I did things, rather than using standard knitting abbreviations. And the more patterns I offered here, and the more people came to get them, the more I felt I really ought to do better than that.

I needed a technical editor, and I didn't know where to find one - until suddenly, I did!

And now that she's pored over my most challenging pattern (hello, Meditation Mittens) and given me a very good checklist of how a pattern should look, I've updated everything to conform to that standard.

I've also updated my pattern format:

There are several advantages to the new look.

All the necessary materials for a pattern are listed on the left, with a fold line so you can get that information right out of the way if, like me, you sometimes fold up your instructions and tuck them into a little knitting pouch.

There is also a generous margin at the top for those who like to print onto three-hole punch paper, or simply punch post-printing, for storage in a ring binder.

Best of all I think, I've managed to fit everything onto fewer pages - in many cases, just one.

All my patterns going forward will be getting a proper technical edit before I post them to ensure they're as straightforward as possible, though of course, any remaining errors will be mine alone and not the fault of my most fabulous technical editor.

So, thank you to everybody who's dropped in over the last few months for a look at what I've been up to with my knitting, and I hope you'll all enjoy the new Hugs!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Love the new look! Wahoo for Tech Editors (and wonderful designers!)(and designers who are also writers- there really should be more of them)(us)

Unknown said...

The patterns look great. I'm working on the Lazy Day Shawl right now. I just love it!

Mary Keenan said...

Great to hear, Angela - thanks! I'm loving mine so much, and wearing it every day as a scarf, now that it's cold out again ;^)

I'm with you, Kathi - Big wahooo for tech editors and the confidence they bestow!