Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comfort shopping

I realize that most people reading this are taking a break from basting a turkey or wondering whether anybody will notice a missing piece of pie (tip: serve the pie from the kitchen, or on a platter of cut pieces, and nobody has to know)

but after wishing said people a Very Happy Thanksgiving, I will also say this:

Read it and weep.

No, seriously. Gorgeous word sketches of Italian places you're probably not in at this very moment! And a freshly blooming white amaryllis, which is also probably not on your table.


beautifully hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn that you can't have, because I beat you to it!

I know, I'm mean.

And fiendishly plotting how best to put Corriedale handspun into a hat.

And very aware that the lovely, peaceful, inspiring thoughts at Quite A Handful can't possibly induce competitiveness or gnashing of teeth. Really, it's almost as good as chocolate, this reading of blogs full of photographs of life in New Zealand.

(But buying yarn from said New Zealanders is better, heh heh heh.)

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