Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another knitty use for the kitchen scale

I don't know about you, but I like knitting my socks simultaneously.

Being so inexperienced with sizing and fitting and heel turning and so forth, I find they travel better that way - when I get done with one mindless knitting section in a place where I can't start into something requiring attention, I can just switch to the other sock. Also: I can be sure to make both identical.

And because I have never met a cake to knit from both ends of that didn't knot itself up in the first 10 minutes, this means I have to count off the yards for two equal-length balls of yarn.

Enter the kitchen scale:

You may recognize this Midnight Sheep yarn from last week's What To Do?? sock conundrum. I still haven't quite resolved that, but I did decide it is going to be socks for somebody, and therefore should be divided.

I think I got pretty close just eyeballing it, don't you? But hey, I have a scale! I can wind one a bit smaller and do better:

HA. I may never have to measure out yarn by the yard on my grandfather's 36"wide desk again.

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