Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The need/want identification process

I'm trying to be Very Sensible lately about yarn-related purchases, not least because I have next to no space left in my very large stash closet (especially now that I have all those felted sweaters.)

However, I do have a wishlist, and some of it is feeling quite urgent.

For example, I really want a set of KnitPicks interchangeable needles in Harmony Wood. I'm sorry, but I've been using my Addi Clicks for nearly a year now and they just aren't all that. I can overlook being able to feel the join, because I wouldn't expect not to, but the tips are just way too blunt compared to the Addi Lace needles, or my Harmony Wood dpns. They slow me up, and slower knitting is not going to get me any closer to new yarn.

I also want some seriously bulky yarn for the hat idea I had a few weeks ago.

And I want more of just about anything from Twisted Fiber Art. Lately it's been cold enough to need a scarf, and I've been wrapping my Lazy Day Lace Shawl (in TFA 'Playful') around my neck for this purpose.

It's... unspeakably soft. I have a lot of really nice yarns, but the TFA is something else. I love knitting with it - especially with a sharp-pointed needle - and I love the colours, and the feel under my hand. But wearing it? Wowza. It's lightweight and pliable and seems to embrace little pockets of air, warming them to use for warming me.

And there are old colours in stock that I've been looking more than twice at, and a new colour I am crossing over into wanting Very Much Indeed.

I think I might have to give in on that one and call it a Need, I really do. But I will finish what's on the needles first because, you know, I'm such a paragon of yarny virtue.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

That's the thing about Twisted yarns- you ALWAYS want more. And it's ALWAYS worth having (wanting, desiring, needing...)