Friday, November 13, 2009

Calculating yardage (over tea and mint chocs)

Knitting with my brilliant friend Sandra yesterday was full of learnings, such as:

It's tough to top a tea/York Peppermint Patty combo, though tea/lemon cookies come close

400 or so - my estimate - knitting magazines become a striking design feature if you store them in graphic cardboard holders from IKEA (as opposed to my boring white ones)


You really do use kitchen scales to calculate yardage!

Here's the deal. If you have, say, 191 yards in a 50 gram ball, you will find - while marveling at the way we so freely mix metric and imperial in our knitting terminology - that it works out to about 3.8 yards per gram.

In practical terms, that means that if I pair what's left of the pink Mirasol Nuna I used for my Last Minute Lace Yoga Socks:

with what's left of the grey Biscotte & Cie Soyeuse I used for my Marlene socks (also, as it turns out, 3.8 yards per gram):

I have 69 grams and about 262 yards. That's plenty for another pair of yoga socks, something it would be handy to have set by, what with Christmas coming up and all. In fact, I could do the pair with what's left of the Soyeuse on its own! Mmmm.

Best $25 I ever spent, buying that pretty little scale. Makes me wonder how much longer I can go without a swift?

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