Monday, October 11, 2010

A carrot for the Carrot

This weekend somebody mentioned next weekend, which marks not only the midway point of the all-too-brief cardi-wearing season, but also the date of an Outing for which it would probably be nice for me to look, well, Nice.

Obviously Nice does not suggest a big sloppy cardi. Even if I had a such a thing newly finished, and paired it with a dozen skirts or swell pants to make it work as a nice outfit, I would walk out of the house in something fancier than a big woolly green sweater fitted subtly at the waist with elegantly roughened points on the ends of the cuffs.

Be that as it may, I was suddenly struck by the conviction that if I just knit like a madwoman I can have the entire sweater knit, blocked, assembled, ends run in, and buttons selected and sewn on in time for supper on the 16th, and knuckled down:

While I knit, I realized that at some point I will have to sew this thing together. That scared me, so when I finished the second front I decided to get going and block it along with the other front and the back, all stacked up together and pinned to ensure they all have the same shape:

I managed to get my much-longed-for extra inch in length, which may save me knitting a separate ruffle to stitch on to the bottom.

Hopefully some wonderful button solution will strike me while I'm working on the sleeves. I have wood ones, but I'm wondering about vintage black plastic, possibly because I have so many of those, and it will add an hour or two to the process. The things you learn about yourself when you take up knitting...

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