Friday, October 1, 2010

A sewing day

Next week I'm attending a full-day workshoppy thing and thought it would be nice to have something new and comfy to wear to it: naturally, this translates to me in a pile of felted wool sweaters picking out matchy bits for a skirt. I'll post the link when it's done so you can visit my Procrastination Diary for details on how it comes out.

So, not so much knitting today. But I do have a BSJ update!

I was at a party yesterday with the mum of the baby for whom this BSJ is intended, which allowed me to re-check just how tiny she is (tiny). Also, to show said mum the sweater progress, which led to this exchange:

Her: Mary, you knit so fast - we just picked out colours last week!

Me: Well, I knit about five hours a day so...

(at which point I shut up, thinking - five hours a day? How is that possible? omigosh, I really do! I wonder if that's healthy? and how come if I knit so much I still have so much that isn't finished?)

I was finally far enough along to see that the narrow bit I thought was a front side is actually the sleeve, and that it's the size I intended all along - big enough to swim in now, and possibly roomy enough for next fall. So as soon as I got home I plunked myself down and finished it with the intention of sewing it together today, doing a rolled collar, and getting the ends run in.

And I may still do that, but first I gotta make this skirt, because whoa, felted wool sweater mess is even more invasive to a room than five unfinished knitting projects.

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Unknown said...

That BSJ is like magic, isn't it? I found it fascinating as I was knitting to see it turn into a little garment! I'd never made anything quite that shaped all in one piece. I truly enjoyed it.

As to the knitting 5 hours a day, I find myself more motivated to get errands and housework (I don't work) done so I can knit without guilt. I also knit sitting in the school pick up lines in the afternoon, piano practice and baseball practices. And, like you, the more I knit, the more projects I have queued. How is that?