Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sailor's Delight

Well, it was an adventure making these socks, but they're done:

And I've worn them: in spite of the few errors I made and didn't frog back to fix -

I decided I didn't care if one foot was a full round longer than the other, even though that translates to more than 1/8" which is definitely noticeable, and I somehow managed to make one cuff come up longer than the other as well -

they are still super comfortable. And warm? Whoa.

I wasn't sure how the red part was going to work out because the weight of that yarn is so much heavier. In fact the cuff it produced is like board; I didn't have to worry about ribbing, because it stands up entirely on its own.

Best of all, adding the red produced the perfect length for my boots:

And there's enough left to make cuffs for the next skein of boot sock yarn. As long as I make both feet the right length this time.

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

Mary- 1/8" only counts in carpentry and aerospace. In socks, it's not an issue. The socks are beautiful, and I love the cuffs!