Thursday, October 21, 2010

A free day

Oh dear, whoever thought a free day would pose such difficulties?

All I would like to do is knit Like Clockwork, but what I ought to do is proofread three patterns.

And cast on for two Christmas presents that have to go off with their recipients to Florida in a couple of weeks.

And sit down with the yarn and draft pattern for a second chemo cloche design I have had in the queue for about a year which I think would be a good idea to have out there for people who need a low cloche design for a friend who is sick, and who quite naturally don't have the focus for the rather challenging linen stitch brim of my Not Just for Chemo one.

On the one hand, I did spend all of yesterday being responsible about groceries and laundry and Achilles tendon repair (soooo much stretching!)

But on the other, it's not as though I'm not going to be All About Me tomorrow, visiting the Creativ Festival and meeting Louise of Biscotte & Cie in person for the first time (red-letter month here for connecting with blog friends, apparently!)

I know the logical thing is to go half-and-half - get my work done, then knit. It's just that it would be such a thing of great self-indulgence to knit all day, don't you think?

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