Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Festival knitting

Here's what I was carting around with me at the Creativ festival:

I started it Thursday night, finished it Friday night, and I should have the free pattern up later this week, just in time for the temps to start dropping again because my favourite hat from last fall clashes horribly with the Carrot.

How much longer do you think I can get away with justifying new projects on the basis of one cardi?

Okay, time for my New Friend story. A super nice lady asked me for directions to the convention centre and I knew immediately by her gorgeous quilted bag and wheeled suitcase we were going to the same place, so we chatted all the way there, then separated at the tickety thing, only to run into each other again once we were inside for another little visit. After that I found Louise's booth and then wandered off for a while to think over the two-skein problem and hunt for a publishing distributor's booth I'd heard was selling damaged and back-issue magazines at a discount.

I got these two magazines - don't you love that Fair Isle pullover on the right? I might seriously have to make that one, and work in all the colours I wear so it matches everything.

I'd had a slight problem with the Gifts one because I took my eyes off it for a moment and one of the ladies working the booth rearranged it back into order. I asked her about it and she said Oh yes, we do have that one, and also the new issue up at the cash.

The. New. Issue.

You know, the one that's not due out till November 2? The one I have two patterns in?

After I told her I love her, I beelined to the cash where she helped me buy two copies, of which this is one, la la la:

And the moment I walked away, back down the racks of magazines, who should I run into but my friend again? So I had somebody to be all jumpy uppy downy with, right away. She even stayed with me to look at the pictures:

Crafty people make the best new friends, don't you think?


heklica said...

Oh, yes! :))) Looking forward to new projects!

Unknown said...

I love going somewhere like that by myself and making a new friend. I wish there was something like that festival near me. I feel like the only knitter in my town! Can't wait until the 2nd (I'll buy it for my birthday!)

Karen said...

Yay!! I can't wait till the new issue is on the shelves here!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Seeing your own stuff in print never gets old. Never. Woohoo!