Friday, October 15, 2010

Done like dinner, almost


It took till after 10 last night - hence the really bad lighting that makes the yarn look like one of those 1970s avocado appliances - and even then, only because my two appointments for yesterday rescheduled, but

I got the Carrot's sleeves done and blocked.

(There are two sleeves there, incidentally, one on top of the other so they are sure to be the same. This is why it will take forever for them to dry.)

Did I mention all the math and measuring I did to make sure I was shortening the arm part just enough and not too much for my arms? Well, I had to stretch the dickens out of these things to get them long enough when I was pinning them out. I wonder how long it would have taken to knit them had I done it as directed.

While they're drying, I move on to a happy problem: buttons. The wooden ones I bought for it are much too large for the buttonholes the pattern recommended, so I have to go with Plan B, aka the only four possible options from my enormous button stash, which probably goes some of the way to explaining why so many people have an enormous button stash.

There are two possible reds plus a deep salmon pink:

And a row of pearlized cream coloured ones:

Actually, only five of those truly match, but I figure I can put the one that doesn't quite, right down at the bottom.

What would you choose? I am leaning toward the salmon pink, myself.

This morning I realized the significance of another problem that occurred to me some time ago - specifically, that this lovely green, chosen because the grey I actually wanted was not in stock at the time, clashes with every single pair of my handknit socks. I've reworked my entire wardrobe to put the emphasis on socks and the sweater I'm wearing, and if those two things elements are screaming at each other - well, it will take some of the thrill out of wearing a nice new cardi Out tomorrow night.

So this morning I am hastily casting on some cheaters - just cuffs really, to go over whatever socks I have and peep up out of my boots and look matchy. I have lots of dentist and physio and other sorts of yuck today so a little 2x2 rib should move along very quickly.

(I hope. Because I still have to sew this sweater together, too. And sleep, at some point.)

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I like the pearly white buttons, myself.

Use a hair dryer to help the sleeves dry. Or set them in the sun for awhile (if you have any sun).

I love the idea of boot cuff cheaters. What a cool notion!