Thursday, September 30, 2010

Problem solving

As a kind of low background noise enveloping my everyday activities I am still obsessing about the Soaker socks - or rather, what yarn I could possibly pair with them to serve as the legs, or even to stripe along the whole foot if I can face frogging.

Yesterday I hit a down time in the whole supper making process and decided that even five minutes of spindling was better than nothing. I grabbed the red stuff I bought at the same booth as the boot sock yarn, and which is the same mohair/wool blend, and as I drafted and spun I thought of red skies.

Red sky at night.

Red sunset over blue water.


It's a bit late to decide I should be spinning it at a boot sock weight but if I could pull it off - or somehow work it out by adding stitches to make gauge - it might just look like art.

Anyway I decided to bump spinning the red stuff to the top of the queue (after the BSJ is done) because I won't know for sure until I try.

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