Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September knitalong

September is officially Hand Knits month over at Knitting and Tea and Cookies - as in, knits to keep your hands warm. We've got mitts and fingerless gloves and I wouldn't be surprised to see some gloves pop up over the course of this knitalong, and hopefully they won't be mine because I can't see finding time for all those fingers.

If I were going to do gloves I would go for Julia Mueller's Knotty Gloves. Tammy made a pair and they are so gorgeous. As are Julia's Chimera fingerless gloves. I love the idea of layering gloves, but that's to be expected since I'm Canadian, and it does get chilly here from time to time.

Other knits in progress (or recently knit and tempting me - I'm looking at you, Paula McKeever's Cafe au Lait Mitts): Koolhaas Mitts by Meghan Coakley, and The Vicar's Fields Mitts by Karina Westermann.

I'm averting my eyes from those though, because it's more urgent that I get the charity mittens done. And look! It only took an hour yesterday to finish both thumbs on my first pair:

Interestingly, though I was certain I'd knit the hands with the white held in back and the blue in front during August's mitten obsession, it seems I did the reverse, and boy can you tell. If you think it looks like a trick of the light here, check out the inside:

Yep, it really does matter which yarn is close to the needles in stranded knitting and which yarn is far. Fortunately I quite like the way this looks, because I wouldn't want to be frogging any more of these mittens over a colour issue.

Which is not to say I won't be frogging these thumbs anyway: when I tried them on a passing child-sized person, they proved to be too short. Gah!

Did all this tragedy help you recover from the cuteness of the mitten links? If not, feel free to join in at KTC - there's a chat thread all set up and waiting for you.

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Sally Anne said...

Ah mittens..thank you for all the links Mary. I especially like the Vicar's Field Mitts. I will have to make those someday.