Friday, September 24, 2010

Knitting while walking

Knitting while walking really is the ultimate party trick, or so it would seem by the number of people who've run into me lately and said

MARY! I saw you knitting while you were walking the other day! or

Wow, you can knit while you walk? or, from the more seasoned friend/acquaintance, just

What are you making now?

I guess some people do restrict their knitting to indoor situations but my queue is so long and my obligatory knitting so urgent that I can't afford not to knit if I'm likely to have five minutes to spare, which is why I was so heartbroken about frogging yesterday's baby surprise jacket and the two hours I put into it.

However, as they say, tomorrow is another day. And now that I'm in it, I can fully endorse the truth of that statement:

Another day, another BSJ, and one that looks far more likely to fit my new baby-sized friend. Also it's faster to knit since the stitches are bigger and more likely to zip off the needles. Maybe 30 hours, instead of 50?

(yes, I'm still doomed.)

I am liking this pattern though. The gauge is still tight enough to show off snug even stitches, but it's softer than when I tried it on tiny wee needles, and best of all, it's just knit stitches with the occasional increase or decrease.

for knitting while walking.


heklica said...

It's certainly safer than knitting while driving but walk carefully! :)

Sally Anne said...

Oh, that looks as if it will be the perfect choice for that wee baby. I wish you lived here then we could walk and knit together.