Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting the boot

I've decided to resolve my gift-sock crisis by frogging the Slippys and ignoring the yarn for a few days in favour of a really simple sock that meets my current criteria:


Of course, 'fast' is relative when you factor in the entire evening I spent poring over Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns looking for something that would be just interesting enough to keep me going but sufficiently mindless to knit without looking or checking my notes.

And after all that I still didn't manage to match up the ribbing with the leg stitch in a satisfying way (to say nothing of the fact that eyelets are probably not going to be warm in January.)

Still, I think this may be a good use of the Tanis Fiber Arts aran weight yarn (colourway: stormy) I bought for a sweater and then changed my mind about:

I know, that's not much to show for a whole long weekend's worth of knitting but like a cottager closing up for the winter, Labour Day weekend is when I switch my brain from lazy summer days to busy productive fall ones - and the house has to follow suit. There was laundry and shopping and harvesting and meal planning and much clearing-out of freezer in place of knitting.

However, I did make a list of all my little knitting jobs as part of the whole organizational overhaul and there are quite a few. In fact, I think I wanted to have all the charity mittens done by mid-September, to say nothing of the mittens I wanted to knit for myself, and they didn't even make it onto the list.

There are some patterns to proof and get photographs for and post for free fall fun, and some still-unfinished things I can't talk about yet, and some new ideas to resist until I've cleared mental space for them, and also:

the carrot cardi! Poor neglected thing, it's getting all wrinkled in its bag waiting for me to get moving on it.

But in the meantime I was very glad to have these socks to take along with me for today's haircut, and I'm sure I will enjoy them just as much tomorrow waiting for a friend to have her teeth seen to.

Though really, anything is pleasant for passing the time in a dentist's office when it's somebody else in the chair, isn't it.

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