Monday, September 27, 2010

Heartbreak socks

I've been avoiding looking at my Soaker socks because I realized I don't have enough yarn to make them more than ankle length - and who wants heavy warm wool/mohair boot socks that are better suited for tennis?

Then yesterday I woke up worrying about them and thought I just had to get it over and done with.

So I knit really really fast the way you do when you think you might run out of yarn and then when it looked like I probably couldn't go any farther I started super stretchy bindyoffing and I thought WOW, I'm going to make it! and then I saw there was one needle I hadn't noticed, with 13 stitches in it, and me with just 10" of yarn to go.

I have not frogged anything yet because it's remotely possible that I'll finish the second sock with perhaps 20" of yarn and be able to borrow the remains to deal with these last few stitches.

It's a sad time. These are bar none the most comfortable socks I've ever had on - super warm and cosy and totally made for me, right down to the shape of the toes, and having spent the rest of the day in my Blueys which I also love and are about an inch longer even, I have to admit the truth: my legs were freezing all day. And at least Blueys are long enough for me to tuck tights right into them on another cold morning when I'm paying attention to such things. The Soakers wouldn't come close.

I've been up and down my stash and apart from some hot pink yarn of identical composition and weight, or the deep blue I used for my Candy Wrapper Scarflet which is just close enough to look awful, I don't have a thing to use to eke out the legs. And even if I buy more of this yarn, the dye lot will be very different as it's all hand done.

I wonder whether I should knit a pair of tubelike things with some slim black yarn - my tights are usually black - and start a new trend of woolly ankle socks slipped over thin fitted legwarmers over tights? Because I still have another skein of boot sock yarn in this weight and I'm dying to knit it up.

(or maybe I should just go back to making hats for a while.)

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