Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man Socks complete!


Yes, you can tell.

But at least the subsidizing of not-quite-enough original yarn is in the toe area rather than the ankle, and it could look a lot worse - I know because this is the version that didn't get ripped out and reknit. And I think I do prefer this to the notion of finishing both toes in dark blue.

(Especially since that means I don't have to frog said toes and knit them over again.)


Socks are done, and... there's not really much on the needles now.

Which is freeeeing... and... sorta crazy-making because now all my sock needles are free too and I want to have something on them, gah!

I resisted putting anything on them last night, and instead started knitting another mystery project in beautiful yarn that I'm very excited about and I do have the Carrot cardi to get going on of course and another size of another mystery-ish thing and the adapted mystery knitalong idea and I think there's something else in there too...

Oh, right! the orphanage mittens and the thumbs remaining on the two I have knit to date.

So I guess I do have a lot to compensate for the loss of these two sock projects I've been carting around for the last three months.

Still feels odd though. Maybe I'll feel better after a little lunch?

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