Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend I did a little knitting and a lot of yarny reorganization, which was painful because I could probably have finished a sock in the time I spent doing it. Still, things were getting out of hand in the craft cupboard and even more so on the sewing table where I pile up my works-in-progress. It was time.

It was also time to sort through the piles of said works and decide what I was going to finish in the yarn and needle size selected, and what needed to get frogged in favour of different materials.

As a result of all that effort I have just four projects in progress on the sewing table, and one of them is now done and drying. The other three are
the lattice hat I still have to make other sizes for
the long-suffering Carrot cardi and
the Soaker socks

I just started trying the Baby Surprise Jacket again, but that is living upstairs for now so I can kind of not count it until it's a further along.

See? That leaves me with just four projects underway. Totally do-able. I feel much less overwhelmed. What really lifted the whelming burden though was Trish coming by today to pick up some of the yarn I decided to give away.

From my perspective, this exchange is perfect. It totally alleviates my guilt about not having knit with stuff I like but just can't seem to use, while giving Trish some new yarn she doesn't have to feel guilty about spending a whack of cash on should she decide to overdye it or ignore it for a long time herself.

Trish has a slightly different take and was muttering 'enabler' as she directed the bag out the door. She runs rather short on time and long on queue herself and to be fair, probably didn't need all that yarn and the ideas it produced at this exact moment.

As she and my guilty conscience were leaving, I noticed my mail had arrived and that there was a rather large envelope sticking out from the middle of it: yarn!

Or more specifically, fiber!

It's from Ilona, who had some llama/Jacob blend in her stash she thought I might like, which Trish and I both did very much because MAN is that stuff soft.

Enablers: we're everywhere!

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