Friday, September 17, 2010

A happy place for yarn

One of my favourite recent yarn purchases was the cashmere blend laceweight my friend Emily dyed when she first started making yarn available, and my absolute favourite part of the Knitter's Fair was spotting Emily's booth there.

Not that it was easy, because so many people were buzzing around it - I recognized Emily herself before I could even make out her sign. On my second pass, it was still squeezing room only.

People are figuring out how awesome Emily is at what she does.

I had to buy some things

even though I already had two bags full of fleece
and I was running late for my ride home
and Emily has a shop on Etsy as well
so it was easy to think of just having a peek and shopping online later.

The roving is called Elephant, and makes me think not of giant grey animals but of snuggly stuffed ones that keep you company on a day when you are home sick and reading something fantastic while wrapped in blankets.

My cousin, on the other hand, sees a rocky beach worn smooth by decades of tides.

Emily has great colour sense, even when she's doing subtle shifts of shade. And her base yarns? whooooaaaa. But there's something warmly nostalgic about the mix of the two that I just love, so that even looking at it I just feel better.

I get the same reaction every time I see the logo she designed.

When I was buying Elephant, I spotted a few of these project bags with her logo printed on the side with sweet flowery fabric handles and linings and just had to have one, so that no matter what I'm knitting or spinning with I can admire it.

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