Friday, October 14, 2011

I finished something else!

huzZAH - and just in time for the rain to stop and temperatures to drop.  Not that I'm rushing anybody or anything.  I don't mind getting a little too warm wearing this hat.

I love it so much!

The stripes even lined up between bands, almost.

I had to stripe between the solid I used for the crown and the club yarn in order to stretch out said club yarn, and I came close to starting and stopping at the right places (proof that I didn't make it: there is a small amount of club yarn left, which I'm considering using for some duplicate stitch on the crown - if I do it, I'll show pictures.)  The big thing was to make sure I got the forehead part in 100% Biscotte Club yarn because Gobelin is the softest, squishiest yum ever.  There are some things you just have to take advantage of, you know? 

But never mind my tinkering. Check out this fantastic construction:

I'm not sure I even need to block it.  I might do it... if the weather holds... or I might just wear it a lot.  Either way I'm looking at a good weekend because I Finished Something Else!

(hope you get a good weekend too. try to have chocolate if you can so I'm not alone on that.)

The gory details:

Pattern: Flight of the Phoenix Hat by Louise Robert, October 2011 Biscotte et Cie yarn club
Yarn: yummy Gobelin (100% superwash merino), Biscotte et Cie, in exclusive Flight of the Phoenix colourway
Backup Yarn: Cascade Superwash in an almost-matchy orangey yellow
Fuel: insane amounts of Hallowe'en candy which really needs to get out of my house and never come back.
Availability: exclusive to the Club right now, but probably in wide release in 2012 - ask at Biscotte if you're as much in love with this pattern as I am.

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Brendaknits said...

I love it too. Great colours and great style.