Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something to talk about

Last week while having coffee with a friend, said friend (and you know who you are) asked me how I think of something to write about on this blog five times a week every week.  Hello? This after I'd just talked her ear off for nearly an hour?  I am chatty.

Today though I am reminded that being chatty is not everything.  Though random thoughts can be entertaining, it's also good to have a theme, an insight, and/or a great picture (or any picture, sigh.)  Most of all, it's helpful to be excited about the subject.

Sometimes, what I'm excited about isn't the right fit for a particular day (owing to a lack of picture, sigh), and I have to hold my breath till it is and find something else I am also excited about.

Sometimes, the other things I am excited about just aren't exciting enough.

Which is why in spite of my best effort to start typing about something else, you're now stuck reading about

My New Dress!!!!

I am kicking myself - I totally meant to take a picture of this dress when I bought it.  Also of its matching cardi, and the other dress that came home with them.  Yes, I know.  I've done a lot of shopping this fall which is kind of ridiculous, not to mention expensive and therefore a bad habit to get into.

(in my defense, when I went into yet another shop this week to see about an incredibly cool long vesty thing I did not even try it on, having been knocked sensible by its price and also the fact that it turned out to have inset sleeves.  I am a pretty much a T-shirt under jumper sort of girl.)

(but I should probably watch that store for sales, shouldn't I.)

Okay, back to the dress.  The longer I drag out this mini essay, the higher the sun rises and the more likely it is that I will be able to get a picture of it even though it is way too comfortable to want to take off if I don't have to.

Oh dear, I got to my point fast, how counterproductive.  Still.  I never want to take this thing off! It's a sleeveless jersey knit of cotton and silk, colourblocked in a 1960s style in grey, black, and rich red, with an uneven sort hem that's notched in at least one place... nope, I'm wrong, it's just that one section along the front has a cuff added on.  In spite of that, it looks very elegant, especially with the matching bolero type cardi that is also colourblocked along the lower front edge.

(I'm not wearing the matching cardi today - too dressy.  Instead it's the long grey cardi I did not knit.)

Speaking of not knitting - perhaps you are wondering what this obviously not-about-knitting ramble is doing here at Hugs?  Well, yes.  We've got a jumper dress.  We've got leggings and a long sleeve top to go under it.  We've got - well, probably hikingish boots to wear with owing to the orthotics issue.  And in the boots:

handknit socks.

With red in them, to match the red in the dress.

It seems I have two pairs of handknit socks with red in them, which is not enough if I'm going to sneak this dress into super frequent circulation.  Clearly, more red-infused socks are indicated.  And guess what?  I hardly have any red-infused sock yarn!  Thank goodness for this:

March 2011's club yarn, which I believe is now wound into two cakes and has moved up the priority list.  Wouldn't it be awful if I had to shop for more sock yarn?

* * * * *

Okay, I'm totally going to regret this while running to my first Thing of the day but - the sun got bright enough for pictures so here you go, without further comment, because I gotta get my boots on and out the door.

Have a great day!


Kathleen Taylor said...

You will look FABULOUS in that dress and cardi!

Mary Keenan said...

It is a dress made for fabulousness I tells ya ;^) Every time I put it on I think how crazy I was to nearly not buy it just because I'd already bought a dress.

Unknown said...

Love it! I wish I had a jumper* I had in 2nd grade. An orange plaid with soft yellow and cream. And an orange turtleneck short sleeved sweater to go under. All very scratchy wool, but oh how I loved it!
*American term, not English term.

Mary Keenan said...

ohhh, that fabric sounds dreamy!

Trish said...

And I have to say the dress looks fantastic on you, Mary.