Monday, September 9, 2013

Brace yourself: there was weekend knitting

Are you sitting down?

I know this isn't a lot of knitting to show for two whole days, but I also snuck in some spinning and some sock and a whole lotta cleanup (surely the potential for cleanup has to dwindle soon??) so I'm pretty happy with this much progress.

It's the start of the first of three patterns I really want to publish this fall, and the hardest to translate from idea to finished object, so I thought I'd better start it first.  And by 'first', I obviously don't mean in July as I'd intended, le sigh. 

These colours looked very enticing together when I bought the yarn about a year ago, and I still like them, but I don't know what anybody else will think.

Yum, or ew ew ew?

Today's job will be to update the pattern I drafted at the start with all the smoothings I did while actually knitting it up.  It's been a while since I designed something new and I've really missed using the skills that go into it... it will be nice to get the house tidied up enough to operate on 'maintain' for a while so I can indulge myself more often.  Which is likely to happen a lot because the point of cleaning up was to give myself more free time to write, and when I'm writing, I am procrastinating, heh.  Meanwhile, I'm making do with this hat.

In other news: I found this amazing sweater while shopping for still more storage baskets this morning (don't ask), and had to buy it immediately:

I posted the back view to Hugs' Google+ page if you're wondering what that looks like and don't expect to be standing behind me anytime soon.

Or if you do expect to be standing behind me tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get baking hot weather pretty much out of nowhere and immediately before things get cool and rainy again, so I will not be wearing this thing or even looking at it, probably.

(or maybe I might sneak a peek; you know how that goes with new knits, right?)

Have a great day and I'll see you Tuesday!

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Trish said...

Love the colours together!