Monday, September 16, 2013

The power of paint

No Knitters' Fair for me this weekend, but I made up for it by painting a pair of chairs!

Okay, you're right.  It didn't really make up for it, but it was still a very satisfying project and, oddly, much faster than knitting a pair of socks.

Here's the story.  For about a year I have desperately needed a pair of chairs that would be comfy while being very very small to match my tiny house, and when I spotted those two chairs outside a second-hand store a few weekends ago I knew they were The Ones.  Partly because they had been painted white, and partly because they matched the red one I already have...

... which was, incidentally, dusty rose way back when I found it sitting on the curb for garbage collection a block from my place.

After I paid for them ($10 apiece: inflation) I realized they were only technically painted white.

I mean, one of them had been, but the other had been painted white with latex over oil, and if you know paint, you know that that pretty much means peel - and therefore scrape - city.

Oh dear, the wood underneath is a nice colour.  But still!  Definitely a mass-produced chair, and way faster to paint one white than to strip all three.  Onward and upward.

When I saw how much paint I was using up I took a break to drag out the medicine cabinet that's needed a new coat for the last 15 years or so (but more on that project another day, when it actually makes it onto a wall.)

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole painting thing.  I used to paint stuff all the time, and I kind of gave it up because it's sticky and time-consuming and also I think I'd run out of stuff Pete would let me get near with a brush or a spray can.  Now though, I'm thinking how easy and fast it is to transform simple objects into something you'd pay more than $10 for, and especially, how incredibly peaceful it is to watch something turn pearly white. 

It's kind of reverse knitting, painting stuff white, because the idea is to have no pattern or texture at all.  And at the same time, such a great backdrop for a bowl of Sock.

Eh, enough philosophy.  After making barely a dent in a very small can of pearl-finish white one-coat paint, and almost as many hours as it would have taken to drive to and from Kitchener and shop for yarn, I was done with all of it.

Yay!  You'd never know what a mess that one chair was in the seat, would you.

Of course, now the red chair is looking more markedly its age - if you think the chipped spots on its front right spindle thing are bad, you should see the back.  But all that will have to wait for another sunny not-too-hot Saturday because I have knitting to do! and I'm sure so do you.

Take care and I will see you tomorrow - believe it or not, I have something to show off that's not only knitting, but finished.

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