Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Technology and knitting

Now that the house is mostly wrangled into submission, I've been catching up with various technological things like my Google+ page (and, more urgently, the Hugs For Your Head page.)  After much agony I settled on a background image I liked for both of them and decided for what purpose I will use the Hugs page.  Which is, to supplement the Hugs blog with random photographs about knitting, design, or loveliness generally.

In the process I came across all kinds of pictures I've taken that strike me as a lot prettier than I expect to come out of my camera.  Or, as is the case with this one, remind me of work that's still outstanding.

Isn't this yarn just as gorgeous as the first time I posted the picture?  And it still looks exactly the same, because I still haven't wound it into cakes even though I am pretty sure I had a plan for it I wanted to get going on as soon as possible.

Actually there is a major backlog of yarn waiting to be caked over here, which seems appropriate to mention today since swifts and ball winders definitely count as technology.  The skeins were all sitting on a shelf over the table where I keep the swift ("like with like" again) but during the frantic last-minute party cleanup the other day I decided to stow all of them in half a dozen of those magazine holders that look like a wall of white on your bookcase.  This was a genius inspiration and I think I will keep them out on display all the time - the magazine holders, I mean, not the skeins, which I seriously need to get moving on soon because I joined more yarn clubs (oh noes!)

Knitting itself is presenting itself as technology for me this week - I saw Heather over the weekend, and she mentioned a breathing problem she's been having which I suspected would be a bigger problem once the air is very cold outside.  She admitted that this is likely to be so, and we talked about me knitting her another cowl tall and snug enough to cover her nose and mouth so the air can warm before it hits her; I can't quite believe I haven't cast it on yet.  Soon.

Maybe even tomorrow, because Omigosh, knitting circle at my house! I hope.  Gotta fit in these gatherings while the place is clean, right? 

One last technology item: I bought myself a Tablet, technically to allow me to write more - or do I mean, just "write"? - without having to cart around a whole computer.  I picked the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which I would probably find insanely expensive if I'd ever owned a Tablet before.

Actually I am feeling more than a bit guilty about the expense as it is, not least because while the handwriting and voice recognition software are both amazing... they are far from perfect.  As in, the handwritten "Yay!" becomes "gay." and the spoken "dropped her pen" becomes "dropped her pants." Changes the meaning rather, don't you think?

But for knitting purposes: WOW, is this thing ever a luxury!  I'm leaning toward going crazypants on the knitting magazines now that I can have them digitally and in colour, and not on my shelves, since obviously all my magazine holders are busy holding yarn.  I realize a tablet makes a pretty pricey bookshelf, but think of what I'll save in dusting.

Speaking of which: I'd better go dust off the dishes I was supposed to clear up.  Have a great evening and I'll see you sometime tomorrow!

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