Monday, September 30, 2013

Safe hibernation for your in-progress knits

If you've ever set a knitting project aside for more than a couple of weeks, you know there's a right way and a wrong way.

The wrong way, of course, would be without moth protection, its needles or its pattern, or even all of its yarn - because there is no way you will remember where all of those things were when you finally pick it up again!  (and let's face it: if you set something aside for more than a couple of weeks, odds are good it's going to be months before you feel guilty enough to go back.)

The right way is pretty simple.  Keep all the tools and instructions and yarn and previously knit pieces in one mouse- and moth-proof place.

and leave notes.

Notes from the former you to the future you about where you left off, what decisions you made when the pattern was unclear, what you changed, what you liked, what was a pain, what kind of sandwich you had on that one Tuesday that you really liked and think you should try again sometime.  Stuff like that.

Exhaustive stuff, because...

When you get the project back out again and get re-obsessed, you won't make an entire second thumb gusset with the increases starting at a different place than they were in the first one and, consequently, a different number of stitches at the top.

Yesterday, as penance for the former me and insurance for the future one, I sat down and typed up everything about my pattern so far, and everything I think should come next, so this doesn't happen to me again.

But today: well, today I have to decide whether I like Left Gusset, which comes to a tidy little point at the bottom, or Right Gusset, with its wedge opening.

Either way, something is getting ripped out, so I will definitely need chocolate.

(I think I like the one on the left with the point. what about you?)


Trish said...

Left, I agree.

UmmRania said...

another vote for left from me!

Joan said...

yes, left is the right one.