Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend knitting: hat edition

Greetings from the land of hats!  On Friday, when I sat down to work on the two new hat designs I'd mostly finished, I got a third idea and decided to cast that on first.

It came out great, but I can't show you more than this for a few weeks yet because Hello, surprises! I'll keep you posted.

What I can tell you now is that it is super fun to stick pins onto a hat. I used to put silver pins onto black felted wool hats but: so cute to put them onto the ribbing of a handknit hat, and so much easier than making a special embellishment or finding the perfect buttony button for an accent.

This particular pin is on marker duty, reminding where the beginning of the round starts, but it might end up living on the hat because I really love that book-reading, tea drinking squid.

Of course I do have a few other pin options, too.  (I know, I've posted this picture before, but it's too yummy not to share again today.)

Meanwhile - I'm sure this has never, ever happened to you, heh - I had to rip out hat #2 entirely and start all over on Saturday, because I thought of a better way to execute the idea and I hated waste the great yarn I'd used on something that wasn't as good as it could be. Maybe you've noticed that unlike learning curves in other aspects of life, no matter how many times you have to rip stuff out, it never gets less disappointing.  Gah.

And ripping out was a predominant part of my knitting this weekend, because I ripped out the squid hat on Saturday as well... agonizingly when I was about 8 rounds from the ending.  Your Weekly Heartbreak, right there.  Then I reknit it entirely, with the right number of ribbing stitches.

Safe to say I am pretty ready for something I can knit mindlessly and have come out right the first time.

Like... I don't know... socks?

(I know you wish I was kidding.)

Okay, that's me for today, but tomorrow I'll be back with a picture of a seriously delicious yarn that turned up in my mailbox on Friday and is inducing some Feelings of Guilt alongside the drool.  Stay tuned! and have a great day.

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