Friday, September 6, 2013

What does weekend knitting look like?

This is the knitting I have in my purse this week:

It's a sock - surprise

no really, it's good to have a sock in your purse (unless you're Trish, in which case finding a sock in there would be an unspeakable insult, because Trish hates knitting socks.) they are small and always ready to be worked on when, for example, you arrive at your destination 20 minutes early and don't need to go get a coffee or something.

I would just like to say at this time how very grateful I am for the parking lot in which I took this picture yesterday - it makes it possible for me to drive downtown without terror, what with being just short of the busiest, scariest places to drive.  I have always found an open spot in it that I'm confident enough to get my car into, and I kind of like the architecture around there, especially on a nice day. 

How blue is that sky??

But it's probably good that I've never spent money on having manicures or getting my hair coloured because I am using it a lot right now and it is not cheap.

And now to return to my point: weekend knitting?  what is that?  I don't even know any more.

Weekday knitting - the stuff you cart around hoping for a free moment or two to work on it - that stuff is all I've had going for me for ages.   The kind where you on purpose sit down to work on it is foreign to me now after so much time sorting through boxes in the basement.

But I'm close.  Close enough to start facing the list I've been compiling in my head of projects I want to work on when I'm free again.  Projects like....

The green cardi I haven't finished

The brown Fair Isle I haven't finished

The cowl for Heather

The cowl for another friend

The socks for a third friend

The sock yarn spinning

The two hats I designed in my head but haven't knit yet

... and I'm pretty sure there is more where that came from.

This weekend?  Probably not, because if I don't finish off the basement soon it will just start breeding disorder again.  But after that, ohhhh, maybe! 

What about you?  Do you have exciting weekend knitting plans?  Or maybe you are in the salt mines like me, dreaming and hoping.

Either way - have a very good weekend and I will see you on Monday!

ps in spite of the not knitting, I've been posting things to Hug's Google+ page faithfully every day, so feel free to drop by.

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