Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fingerless gloves vs handwarmers

Have you ever knit handwarmers?  I've knit a lot of them, but every time I finish a pair I think - man, these could really use some actual fingers.

Last spring I decided it was time to learn how to do that...

and within an embarrassingly short time I decided it was too complicated for me...

and then two nights ago - yes, right after making a ridiculous Christmas knitting list that will require 120% dedication and focus for the next 5 weeks - I decided it was time to figure it out and finish already.

(in my defense, I desperately needed the needles these gloves were on in order to get the list's two essential pairs of socks underway.)

This was my equipment.

1/ the gloves
2/ lots of scrap yarn
3/ scissors
4/ darning needles
5/ audiobook (now playing: The Eighty Dollar Champion, which is excellent.)

After several hours and lots of fussing, I got both gloves up to a complete index finger.

Hello start of a glove!

I could stop here and leave you with a happy ending - as you can see, there are no needles anywhere in these things now, so I've made major progress - but no.  Because as soon as I got this far I was forced to accept a sad truth: I don't like the fingers.  They are a pain to knit, they are not as comfy as I thought, and worst of all, where an open end leaves my fingers looking all elongated and starvy-arty, an actual finger pocket just makes them look stubby.


I'm going ahead with all the fingers on this pair as a cautionary tale for the next time I think fingers are better... but when they're done?  I'm knitting open ones for Richard, to go with his cowl.

(okay, probably I'll be doing that after I have the essential socks done: I'm crazy, but not that crazy.)

And now, with best wishes for you not to be at all crazy with regard to your personal pile of knitting, I will wish you a very good day and go tackle the next thing.  See you tomorrow!


Trish said...

I'm with you - half length fingers = stumpy fingers. And I really hate the build up of stitches between the fingers, especially at the cast off point.

Mary Keenan said...

H'mmm... now I'm thinking I should rip back and just knit them as open handwarmers. It's Viola yarn in one of my favourite colourways... will I love them as much with fingers in there? Probably I should be sensible and knit at least one more of them before I decide, right?